Interconnect Israel 2023
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The Vision

This coming March 21-28, 2023, Salesforce professionals from around the world will travel to Israel for 8 days -- full of volunteering and professional networking, alongside Israeli Salesforce professionals.  

Are you an Israeli Salesforce professional-- employee, customer, ISV partner, SI partner?  Join us!

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The Inspiration

The trip was born out of a desire to "show up and help"-- that we lead with kindness in everything we do.  And on that foundation, we build incredibly rich professional relationships.

Meet the participants!

Tel Aviv Beach, Fair & Dinner

Tuesday - March 21, 2023

Rishon Letzion- Veggie Picking, TLV Market, Basketball

 Wednesday - March 22, 2023

Old Jaffa & Jerusalem Clown, Food Packing, Dinner

Thursday - March 23, 2023

Jerusalem Girls School Volunteering and City of David

Friday - March 24, 2023

Jerusalem Kotel Tunnel, Pardes Chana Children's Home, Tsfat

Sunday - March 26, 2023

N. Galilee: Tel Saki, Kibbutz Malkiya, Paint Shelter

Monday - March 27, 2023

Nazareth Tour & Volunteering Holon Heart Patients

Tuesday - March 28, 2023

Ready to join us?